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Heat Pumps in Plymouth

The cleaner way to heat your home.

Heat pumps provide sustainable, affordable and efficient heating alternatives, capturing heat from outside and moving it into your home. 

The professional and experienced team at AF Bathroom and Heating are on hand to install your heat pump, heating your house and hot water in a cost effective and eco-friendly way. 

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Upgrading to a Heat Pump is Easy

Whether your old boiler no longer provides the warmth and water pressure that you’d like, or your requirements have changed, replacing your heating system to an air source heat pump is easy with our heat pump installation service.

Households who installed a heat pump report that they are as comfortable or more comfortable than before the installation. 81% have seen the level of comfort improve. source

  • How does a Heat Pump Work?
    Most households already have a heat pump. Your fridge at home is a heat pump. The ones we use for heating simply work in reverse to this. If you put your hand on the back of your fridge it is warm, it is this process but in reverse.
  • Will a heat pump work when it’s cold outside?
    Heat pumps work in cold weather and are sized to cope with the weather in certain regions. Your installer will have to do a sizing calculation called an MIS3005 and this will make sure the heat pump is sized for your house and region. So if you were in Plymouth a figure of - 0.2 is used or if you were in Glasgow its - 3.9. All our heat pumps are designed and tested to work down to - 20 degrees.
  • Will the heat pump do heating and hot water?
    Yes, the heat pump will do heating and hot water. There is a valve on the system which allows the heat pump to do both of these functions. Most domestic cylinders are kept at a temperature of 60 degrees. This is not required in most households. Most homes now are fitted with a valve at the taps so that water will not get above 42 degrees. Most people will also shower at 40 degrees. The cylinder would normally be set on a heat pump system at 52 degrees and then a legionella cylinder is programmed in once a week.
  • Are there any service requirements on my heat pump?
    Heat Pumps and the associated cylinder need to be serviced by an approved installer annual. These mainly comprise of checks such as checking there is no build-up of leaves around the outdoor unit. Checking the frost protection of the anti -freeze in the system. There is also a G3 servicing requirement on the hot water cylinder.

Talk to us About Your Heat Pump Needs

Our specialist team of engineers are on hand to provide you with advice and guidance about whether a heat pump is right for you and the next steps.

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